NZNO/DHB MECA Negotiations Delegate Update


As part of our focus on members and delegates leading our NZNO/DHB MECA campaign we’ve been collecting claims for our MECA bargaining differently. You and a thousand other delegates have led discussions and put forward members’ claims, and so far we’ve had 296 meeting reports entered into our Survey Monkey survey, putting forward the views from thousands of NZNO members.

As the impact of COVID-19 spreads, members have needed to focus on keeping themselves, their whānau and their patients safe. Preparations for our NZNO/DHB MECA campaign have been affected and a number of delegates who completed meetings need more time to enter the results into the Survey Monkey tool.

The timeframe for entering claims meeting results is now extended to 5pm Thursday 9 April.

COVID-19 also meant that a number of delegates were unable to hold claims meetings with members. In response to that NZNO’s principal researcher has been analysing the results so far to create a claims survey based on the claims already gathered which we could send to all members.

Work on that is almost complete.

We are facing a challenge like never before and we are taking the time to reassess.

On Monday the NZNO National Delegates Committee for the DHB sector, made up of one NZNO delegate elected locally from every DHB, will discuss where we go from here with the MECA negotiations. There is a lot to consider with members quite rightly focused on families, loved ones and looking after our communities.  We have also heard from members that the last thing they want are long delays and the difficulties that are caused by lump sum payments.

The MECA is not due to expire until 31 July 2020 so NZNO members, through our union’s representative structures, have time to think carefully through the various options and make the best decision in this unprecedented situation.

Join our community of leaders

As part of our NZNO/DHB MECA campaign, we set up a Facebook page for members to be in touch around the DHB MECA bargaining. Our plan was to start by inviting DHB delegates to join the group, and then to open it up to DHB members more generally. With everything that is happening we are going to pause and just keep this group for DHB delegates for now while we see how the situation unfolds.

You can join here:

Thank you all for everything you do as NZNO delegates, on top of all your other important responsibilities.

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