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Pay raise EN

I am writing to acknowledge the EN. They need pay raise, need pay scale increase. EN work under pressure, under staffed, poor skill mix, heavy load and no HCA to help with cares thus causing unsafe staffs, lot of ACC (back pain), patient risk- under staff. . IT is sad to see EN work very hard to provide quality care, doing all task and missed their lunch break but their work is not appriciated. EN and RN do similar job but why there is so much difference in pay scale step 4 and step 7. The morning shift work hard and complete all required task for team plan and even do ADLS but why there is pay difference in AM and PM shift- why PM is paid more the AM shift- please do make changes to morning shift too s they are the ones who do many things. I hope EN pay raise and their pay scale raise and there should not be gap between EN (step 4) and RN (step 7) pay scale- please.

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