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We request that the government intervene and that DHBs urgently provide the funding needed to remedy this pay inequity and properly value our primary health care workers. This in turn will ensure quality, accessible and affordable primary health care can continue to be delivered.

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primary health care

Our Primary Healthcare Workers are taking a stand

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) has been in negotiations since November 2019 for the Primary Health Care Multi Employer Collective Agreement (PHC MECA). This covers around 3300 NZNO members who are nurses and administrators in more than 500 GP practices, medical centres and accident and medical centres all over New Zealand.

Did you know that an experienced nurse on the PHC MECA with the same qualifications, skills and experience is currently paid 10.6 percent less than their colleagues working for a district health board (DHB)?

This is completely unjust and undervalues the amazing work these nurses do in providing expert care and advice which often reduces hospital admissions.

Seventy percent of respondents to the NZNO PHC MECA survey said they were considering leaving the sector because of higher pay elsewhere.

We are in a unique situation where PHC employers want to pay their nurses much more but need to be given additional funding through the DHBs to do so.

Unfortunately, while DHBs are paying their nurses at higher rates they are not passing on enough funding to ensure PHC nurses are paid and valued the same.

Importantly during the COVID crisis the Government provided additional funding to early childhood education, with private employers, to address staffing shortages due to low pay. This shows that what we are asking for is absolutely possible.

Please stand with us and sign the petition now!

Our Primary Healthcare Workers

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