Stand together for health


Kia Ora team,

While everyone has the privilege of staying safe at home - we are at work -making sure your loved ones are safe and their medical assessments, needs and susquent treatments are met. A responsibility we are showing up to; and we do this in conditions where we were already short staffed by 1-3 whole professional per shift. Continueously - every shift being told it is an "organizational problem" when higher management denies extensions or does not provide enough cover staff. We are present during the most vulnerable and restrengthening parts of a person's hospital stay - literally caring for every need or to immediately refer patients to other services to ensure they get all they can to thrive in and out of hospital.

Even then we hold our heads high and hearts kind! Despite it ALL.

Why are we short staffed? Because qualified and experienced professionals are leaving for other nations that provide safer staffing and pay equity. Wouldn't you do the same- it's basic human survival instinct.

As long as NZ does not change safe staffing or pay equity more will continue to leave - feeding this already present vicious cycle.

Support us or lose us. Hear us while we are still trying to stay.

It can be seen in times like these more than the usual how much of the health systems are upheld by nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants. They are a need, a necessity of the healthcare system.

They are not there for a few minutes or hours but for 24/7 to do assessments, monitor and create data about the patients to create care plans as well as to assist with activities of daily living to ensure survival and best recovery to restore quality of life.

Extremely proud and thankful for each and every nurse - they are all so kind and majority go the extra mile every single time- it amazes me to observe my colleagues - how tender they can be despite literally running around for the total of 8 -12 hrs. Staying back to ensure things get done for no other benefit but purely for the honour of their profession of being a nurse. The effort is evident. To the HCAs who help shower patients, toilet them and sit by them, feed patients - do PA jobs for BOC patients - such work cannot be done by all and the ability to do such things needs very kind humans- gentle and attention to details. We see you. Thank you.

Words are great but only actions reveal accountability.

Time to provide safe staffing and pay equity.

Evidence already stands how important our health professionals are to our nation.

It's time we start putting this gratitude into action.

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